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Welcome to XML Virgule Language - XMLvL: The Next Level in XML Scripting

XMLvL is an XML data-driven scripting language. Its primary use is to provide dynamic web content using XML for both the server-side scripts and the server's database files. This site is dedicated to the use and development of XMLvL, and is dynamically generated by xvl, an implementation of XMLvL.
Complementing xvl are the Apache modules mod_xvl, mod_auth_xvl and mod_access_xvl, which bring the means to present and access the power of XMLvL-managed site content, including other scripting languages such as php, to your Apache-run web site.
Please see our mission statement for more information.

Sign up for an account and certify all the developers and users you know who have an account here. xvl source code development is currently being hosted at sourceforge (Download)
xvl is derived from mod_virgule, which is currently hosting advogato.org, badvogato.org, skolos.org, ghostscript.org, users.jabber.org and linuxlabs.com, to name a few.

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Latest News

New feature: Groups (2001-07-06 12:05:49) by: Person lkcl
The concept of groups - present in all useful multi-user operating systems today - has been added to xmlvl.net.
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HTML fixed (2001-07-06 12:01:28) by: Person lkcl

as promised, restrictions on html input and output have been actioned. it's now possible to enter html, just like you can on advogato, without fear of destroying anything :)
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xmlvl goes live (2015-04-26 00:36:40) by: Person lkcl

xmlvl has a home, thanks to Stuart Trusty of Linux Labs.
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Improvement suggestions (2001-07-09 13:39:07) by: Person sethcohn

Luke, xvl is really coming along! This site is a great start, but as I use it, some of the same basic annoyances/irritations come up, so here they are for general discussion. Anyone, please comment or at least pipe up with feedback.
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Trust Metrics (2001-07-09 13:40:29) by: Person lkcl

You are looking for a recommended financial advisor. Who do you trust, to tell you who is good, and impartial? their clients? other advisors? your friends? an independent financial agency? Do you trust those recommended opinions? How do you evaluate those opinions? What weight should you give them?

Is word of mouth enough? Does it quickly tell you everything you need to know? Can word of mouth be automated by a computer? Can word of mouth be digitally signed?

The practice of finding resources for every day business and personal issues is so common-place that no-one has considered what it might be like to have the same capability available to them via the Internet. Trust Metric Evaluation is likewise a simple concept: it allows for the automated evaluation of people's opinions - in a "Web of Opinions", with far-reaching consequences for the day-to-day way in which we conduct our business, across the world.
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